We put your family members first

Once your membership is approved, your children or other family members are also entitled to join esccu and they too can enjoy all the services and benefits you do!

How can my family join?

There are two ways in which you can refer your family to join us

  1. In our branch
  2. Visit our stand at your place of work.

Through our branch:

If your family referral is through our branch simply call into us at 55 Dawson Street, Dublin 2 with a completed esccu membership application form. You can also complete this form with us while in our branch. The usual ID & proof of address will be required.

Onsite stand at your place of work

You will need to have your family members completed esccu membership application form with you including their original photo ID and proof of address*. We will retain the copies after we have sighted and validate the originals, returning the originals to you there and then. The application form can be downloaded by clicking here.

Please note that the person whom is nominated on the family members' form cannot be the witness.

*Under 16s may use parent's proof of address dated within 3 months