Members Benefits

  1. FREE online 24/7 access to your account
  2. Low interest rates on loans
  3. Refinancing of existing loans at competitive rate
  4. Secure mobile app to view balances and transactions
  5. Quality member service
  6. No transaction fees on Share or Deposit account
  7. Convenient payroll deduction option available
  8. Bill Buddy account service to help manage monthly outgoings
  9. Savings may attract dividend
  10. Death benefit, life savings and loan protection insurance
  11. Nationwide service
  12. Family members at same address can join
  13. Foreign Exchange Click & Collect Service


Who can join esccu?

If you are currently working in the technology sector, we’d love you to become a member because we’re the right credit union for you. Once you sign-up, your children or other family members are also entitled to join esccu and can enjoy all the great services and benefits you get too!

Also, you will continue to be a member even if you decide to change jobs or move into a new employment sector. As part of the joining process, esccu is required by law to collect documentation to verify our members’ identity and residential address.

Find out how to join

Flexible and convenient Loans

Loans for Life and Services for Living - As an esccu member, you are part of the credit union and as such, we are here to help provide two fundamental areas of financial support. We appreciate that it’s important for our members to ‘live a little’ and enjoy life with friends and family in a way that’s fair and affordable when it comes to getting a loan. We’re delighted to help you, which is why we provide a range of loan products, offering manageable repayment options with no hidden costs or additional fees.